Charlie C on Blake Mason

It’s hard to take your eyes off Blake Mason‘s latest uncut twink, Charlie C!

The 18-year-old has an incredibly seductive smile which is coupled with a cocky confidence that made me want to listen to his whole interview, rather than just straight skip to the nude parts. When he starts to undress, he reveals a smooth body (I sort of wish he hadnt done so much manscaping… he’d be even hotter with unkempt pubic hair and his normally hairy legs.) His uncut cock is already semi-hard by the time he strips out of his Calvins, but it doesn’t take much wanking for it to reach full-mast. I especially liked the closeups views and also the shots of Charlie from underneath… the same view we’d have if we were on our knees about to suck him off!

Charlie seems to have great muscle control over his dick; even without using his hands he is able to make it jump up and slap against his abs:

Preview Video of Charlie on Blake Mason

Charlie says he loves to top, so lets hope BlakeMason brings this teen boy back soon so we can watch some lucky guy licking his foreskin and getting fucked by his fat dick!

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Kieron Knight on Fantastic Foreskin

Kieron Knight is right at home on the gay porn site Fantastic Foreskin since his foreskin truly can only be described as fantastic!

In his first video, the sexy U.K. stud is not exaggerating when he describes himself as well-endowed in the foreskin department. The overhang is amazingly long and and Kieron knows exactly how to tease us with it, stretching it out to amazing lengths. He enjoys bringing his uncut cock right up close to the camera lens… so close you can almost smell and taste inside his foreskin:

Preview Video of Kieron on Fantastic Foreskin

Kieron is typical of the models on Fantastic Foreskin, a site created by an uncut cock lover for other uncut cock lovers. You won’t find any videos on the site where the models immediately pull back their foreskins as if they were ashamed of them. Just the fact that they start filming long before the model’s cocks become erect is a step in the right direction as it results in many mouth-watering foreskin shots. It probably wouldn’t occur to most gay porn sites to show models with flaccid dicks.

The site also has some fascinating model interviews and behind the scenes looks which are worth checking out. It can be very hear these beautiful men talking freely about their own uncut cocks!

There are trailers of these interviews on the fantastic foreskin tour, as well as another trailer of Kieron playing with his foreskin at poolside.


Craig on First Auditions.

An absolutely hunky uncut straight stud with an English accent tries out for the site First Auditions, hoping to make his big break in porn.

I was surprised to hear Craig admit he doesn’t play any sports, given his toned and muscular physique. The 24-year-old’s hairy masculine body would be a treat to explore, especially those long hairs around his butthole that would tickle my chin nicely if I could administer a rimjob on him!

Like just about everything else about him, Craig’s veiny uncut cock is perfect. The interviewer orders him to pull his foreskin back, and then we see his glistening pink helmet as his dick starts to get hard:

Out of habit, Craig tries to shield himself to prevent sperm from flying all over him. Luckily the cameraman yells at him to move his hand away so his hairy stomach ends up catching most of his fresh cum.

I loved watching the reactions on Craig’s face as he tries to visualize the more extreme forms of gay sex the interviewer asks him about:

“Are you able to receive anal sex from another man?”
“Would you do extreme bondage like chains and gags with another man?”
“Can a man spank, paddle, and then cane you?”
Can a man urinate on your face or body?

With that kind of attitude I guess we wont be seeing Craig on the producer’s other site Straight Hell, but I’m sure they will end up using him on Adventures in CFNM!

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Cock Dockers Ian and Zane.

Serbian boys Ian and Zane are practitioners of the fetish only uncut men can enjoy: docking!

Their video on Cock Dockers begins with blond Ian sucking on the foreskin of his hairy buddy Zane. Zane is happy to return the favor and flicks his tongue all around the inside of Ian’s uncircumcized cock. Then Ian inserts the head of his hard cock directly into Zane’s stretched open foreskin. The now-joined penises are an amazing site to behold!

Holding the docked cocks together, Zane is able to stroke both with a single hand! I can only imagine how intense the feeling must be for Ian to be rubbing his dick head right up against Zane’s inside that cozy foreskin!

Zane tries to do the same thing but Ian’s foreskin opening is too tight and it wont fit. No matter, the guys are so turned on from the cock docking that both their uncut cocks are soon spewing loads of cum!

Cock Dockers is the only gay porn site 100% dedicated to the docking fetish. The quality is amateur-ish but nowhere else will you find this many videos where the docking is the focus of the action!

At only $1.00 for a 3-day trial, its worth checking out!

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Stratus on UncutCoxxx.

Stratus is a cute Latino amateur from Toronto Canada. In his first gay porn video for UncutCoxxx he pounds on his unusually curvy uncut dick, and demonstrates for us a masturbation technique that especially turns him on: rubbing his finger under his foreskin while caressing thes sensitive head of his cock:

As you can see, this method of jacking off puts him right over the edge, and he shoots a healthy load of cum all over himself!

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Sam sucking Brez on BoyFun.

What a contrast there is between Boyfun twinks Sam and Brez! On the one hand there’s ginger Sam with his smooth and pale — almost translucent — skin, and the other you’ve got tanned Brez with a hairy body, tattoos, and numerous body piercings. What they have in common is that they both possess fine specimens uncut English cock!

Even though he has the much more massive tool, its Sam who gives his ass up to straight boy Brez. Sam seems completely enamored with his hairy partner and in numerous photos you can see him sneak longing glances at Brez while they make out. He goes down on Brez’s uncut cock with abandon. Brez passes up the chance to taste Sam’s veiny 9-inch dick, but he does perform a handjob. I guess for a straight guy,that is considered pushing his limits!

The most amazing shots are the closeups of Brez sliding into Sam because that’s where the contrast is most apparent. Especially with Brez’s amazingly furry legs and butt on close-up display.

Both of these lads have additional solo photosets and videos available on Boy Fun Collection. At the time of writing this, there is a free streaming video of Brez available on the main tour page.

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Corey on Spunk Worthy.

Uncut lovers will rejoice over Corey! This cute 18-year-old amateur who just filmed his first gay porn first video for SpunkWorthy!

Corey stands 6’1″ tall and has a fratboy-next-door look to him. He’s also got a juicy uncut cock hidden in his jeans that he seemed anxious to unleash… even playing with his dick while still being interviewed!

Once the pants came off, Corey is ready to go. His jack-off style is pretty rapid fire, making his balls slap up against the chair. Besides giving us great closeup shots of his foreskin, Corey is not a bit shy about spreading his hot ass and showing off his hole, either. Always a big plus in my book!

What a cumshot! The jizz almost flies over his shoulder and is dripping down the chair by the time Corey finishes moaning over his orgasm!

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Uncut soccer player dick on Authentic Footballers.
I’ve been blown away watching the 3 South American teams that have now advanced to the semi-finals in the 2010 World Cup in: Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. I’m not just impressed by their formidable skills with the Jabulani, but more by how gorgeous their footballers are!

If you also find yourself lusting after these Latino soccer players, I have good news for you. Authentic Footballers is a unique gay porn site featuring 237 real South American players stripping nude and jacking off. Even better news: every one of the athletes have uncut dicks!

The hunky Diego featured in the photos above is my favorite. After watching him kick the ball around outdoors, he heads indoors and gives us a glimpse of that athletic body and amazing dick. Just look at that tasty foreskin surrounded by those untrimmed pubes! Diego has hair in all the right places, especially his ass crack with its many ringlets surrounding his straight boy butthole!

Anyone with a watersports fetish will be happy that this video includes a scene of Diego taking a piss in the toilet before showering. Its a requirement of all the amateurs who agree to pose for Authentic Footballers… they must take a pee with the cameras rolling!

Check out the Authentic Footballers Free Tour section which offers a whopping 34 different preview videos that you can watch or download.

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Horse hung Steven Prior on Hard Brit Lads.

Its Monster Cock Month on UK’s latest gay porn site, Hard Brit Lads, and what better introduction to the site than with the unexpectedly huge 10-inch dick of skinny amateur Steven Prior!

Steven begins by touching his chest, lifting his sports vest to play with his nipples, and rubbing the huge bulge is his white sports shorts. Steven continues stroking and squeezing his big boner, showing us the outline of it, before getting those undies off, so we finally get a good look at it.

He plays with his uncut cock slowly, pushing it forwards, squeezing it at the base. With his cock rock hard, he pours some lube onto it, rubbing it around his fat bell-end and up and down the shaft and jerks off slowly, then uses both hands on his cock, very hot.. he stands up and lets it go softer, lets it hang, plays with it some more, getting solid again, and then reaches for his Fleshlight. Inserting his cock pretty much all the way down, he starts to work the Fleshlight up and down his cock, and after a couple of minutes, he starts to really jerk off, taking his time.. he works up to a great cumshot – thick and white and lots of it, running down the side of his cock as he cums!

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Joao and Tripod on UncutCoxxx.

As a both a proud Canuck and a lover of uncut dicks, I was thrilled to find the new site UncutCoXXX. It is all-Canadian and totally devoted to foreskin lovers like us!

One scene that really turned me on stars Joao Russo and Tripod Trevor. This HD video has great closeup shots of Trevor worshiping Joao’s uncut dick, especially running his tongue between the foreskin and dick head as if he were licking it clean. Joao enjoys all this attention on his foreskin while eating out Trevor’s tight pink hole… no wonder he stays rock hard the entire time!

Here’s a quick video preview:

Even though this is amateur quality, I think the site has great promise and I cant wait to see what uncut cock porn they come up with next!

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